Terms of Purchase

Production time:

Products from stock: 4–7 workdays

Other articles: 14–20 workdays

Express orders are processed by agreement.


Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday: 07.00-16.00

Friday: 07.00-14.00

Holiday closed: Week 29-30


Transportation time/Delivery time:

Normal transportation time within Sweden: 2–4 workdays

Normal transportation time in Europe: 5–7 workdays

Inter Silvi AB is responsible for the date on which the order leaves us. We are not responsible for the length of time it takes the carrier to convey the goods.

We cannot take responsibility for any delays caused by third parties, such as carriers.

In such instances, the complaint procedure of the relevant carrier applies.



Any carriage costs and the shipping options available are specified in the shopping cart. These vary depending on the delivery option selected in the shopping cart.



Damage in transit must initially be reported to the carrier.

Other complaints should be reported to us.

You should carefully inspect all goods upon receiving them to make sure they are flawless.

If something is wrong with a product, it must be returned to us so we can fix or replace them.

call 0479-10070 / +4647910070 or e-mail info@intersilvi.se

We do not refund/replace products if the customer does not return the product.

When returning the product, the customer is responsible for packing the item to prevent it from being damaged in transit.


Right of return:

Defective products must be returned within eight (8) days. The right of return applies to written orders only due to the risk of mishearing when ordering by phone.

If you choose to design your own products then you approve your purchase. This means that you have no right to return the products you have chosen to order with your own texts, logos and colours.


Special text, colours and engraving, etc.:

Orders that include bespoke text, engraving, or custom colours are binding. Such orders must be placed in our online shop.


Uncollected package:

We reserve the right to charge the customer for uncollected packages to cover shipping costs, etc.


Ribbon colour matching:

We use a spectrometer to match colours, and our target is to obtain a match with a commercial tolerance of 1.2 Delta E wherever possible. Colours can be perceived differently depending on the computer screen you use, and colours may differ slightly from one order to the next. Please feel welcome to order colour samples of our ribbons.



We continuously strive to minimise delivery times and, in many instances, part of your order will be processed 1–2 days after you have placed your order.

Therefore, due to this short delivery time, it is not possible to cancel or change the order once we have started production.


Additions to an order:

Additions to a current order are treated as a new order and it is not possible to add them to a previous order.


Product details:

We strive to display our products as accurately as possible at all times.

This includes characteristics such as colour rendering and dimensions.

All pictorial information must be perceived as illustrations only and there is no guarantee that this information is an exact depiction of the product.

Colour rendering may vary depending on the device or screen that you are using.

Dimensions may vary due to needlework.


Our prices:

Your order will be priced at the time of placing your order. All prices are updated regularly.

Prices are stated in Swedish kronor, including VAT and excluding VAT, on the website. Our tiered prices are per colour/item we do not bunch orders??.



We only send invoices to companies and associations that we are granted this service by means of a specific agreement.

The invoice is payable within fifteen (15) days. After completing the purchase, the invoice will be sent to your specified e-mail address.

Card payment is managed by Bambora together with partners.

Card payment using Visa, MasterCard and Maestro is accepted. Your payment card will be debited directly


Confirm copyright permission:

In order to upload a motif (photo, logo, trade mark, proverb, text, etc.), you must possess the full rights to the motif.

If in doubt, you should determine the legal status of the motif before using it.

For private use, you can ask the holder of rights to the motif for limited access rights.


When you save the motif on an INTER SILVI AB server, you verify the following:

I have the right to use this motif for commercial purposes.


If the holder of rights to the motif contacts INTER SILVI AB for legal reasons (unauthorised use of the motif), the rightsholder will be referred to me concerning any and all claims.

I am aware that the unlawful use of the copyright-protected motif protected is not a minor offence, but can result in a harsh penalty.


Other information

We are not responsible for errors in the price list or for price increases that are beyond our control.

For all items that include printing, the price specified is for a finished original in one colour. Dimensions may vary due to needlework.

Text printed on ribbon and engraving can be set differently for different orders.

The appearance of text printed on ribbon and engraving may differ for different orders.

We reserve the right to replace products with corresponding products if the ordered products are no longer available. Full right of return.



We are frequently asked whether we are interested in sponsorship.

This nice request is quite natural, as the products we make are used by non-profit organisations where sponsorship is part of their funding.

Generally speaking, we never sponsor individual events held by associations/companies.

To us, a sponsorship commitment means more than just the donation of products.

At present, we focus on supporting charitable purposes for good causes.

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